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How to Optimize Your Intake Process with a Virtual Receptionist Service and a CRM

Is your firm failing to grow at the rate you desire? Well, before embarking on another failed and expensive marketing campaign, it may be time to look inward. What many legal professionals fail to realize is that relationships with new clients are often made or broken during the very first interaction. Whether that interaction comes through a phone call or a visit to your website, making a positive first impression is essential for converting leads into paying clients.

So if you’re getting enough leads, but those leads aren’t converting at a high rate, there’s a good chance the way you’re handling them could be the problem. In order to ensure you always make a strong first impression on new clients, you should optimize your intake process to improve communication and maintain a personal touch throughout the process. Here’s how you can do that by combining a virtual receptionist service along with CRM software.

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How to Launch a Referral Campaign at Your Law Firm in 4 Steps

Despite the rise of online marketing, most law firms still rely heavily on referrals to acquire new clients. When someone refers you a client, that client will typically be much more likely to hire you than another random attorney they found on the web or saw on a billboard. Why? Because trust is a huge factor when it comes to hiring an attorney, and referrals create trust. If you hope to grow your practice, you cannot ignore the importance of referral marketing. In this post, we’ll cover 4 simple steps to launch a referral campaign at your law firm that will help you land more clients.

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7 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Law Practice with Software

Even slow moving, technology resistant industries like law are gradually being transformed by software. The reason software is so transformative is that it can unlock massive increases in efficiency. As a lawyer, your time is your money. Spending more time than necessary on trivial tasks means you’ll have less time available to bill and generate revenue for your business. With that in mind, it should be obvious why streamlining your operations is a good idea. Here are 7 ways you can streamline your law practice with software, including suggested tools you can use.

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3 Ways to Grow Your Law Practice for Free

We’ve all heard the saying “it takes money to make money.” Oftentimes, it’s the truth. For example, buying stocks or properties, starting new business ventures, or launching marketing campaigns will usually require a significant upfront financial investment in order to generate a return. However, that does not mean that it’s impossible to achieve success on a tight budget. In almost any line of business, you can usually find ways to stretch your dollars and achieve growth without spending more money. In this post, we’ll provide our top ideas for ways to grow your law practice for free to help get more bang for your marketing buck.

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5 Simple Steps to Create a Better Client Experience at Your Law Firm

Business leaders in every industry are talking about the customer experience these days. Optimizing the customer experience has become one of the most important steps toward building a company that can sustain the inevitable ups and downs of today’s fast-moving, competitive business world. Yet in the legal industry, it feels like not much has changed. It’s just business as usual, and very few law firms have given much thought to redesigning the client experience at all. In this post, we’ll review 5 simple steps you can take to create a better client experience at your law firm and set yourself apart from the crowd.

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These 3 Common Mistakes Prevent Law Firms from Growing…Are You Making Them?

Anybody can start a law firm straight out of law school, but not everyone will find success. Even those who do land enough clients to get their solo practice off the ground may struggle to stay afloat long term. In order to build a sustainable law practice, you’ve got to treat it like a business. But unfortunately, law schools don’t teach many of the important business lessons required to succeed in the real world. In this post, we’ll walk through three of the most common business mistakes that lawyers make which tend to inhibit law firm growth and provide tips to help you avoid them.

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Lead Management Best Practices for Law Firms

There’s a lot of buzz about case management in the legal industry. It’s basically just all of the systems and processes a law firm uses to manage its clients, matters, documents, billing, etc. Most law firms are using some kind of case management software to help organize all of this information. But there is a lot more to running a successful law firm than just managing cases. One area in particular where many law firms fall short is lead management. Unlike case management, where all of the processes happen after a client has retained your firm, lead management happens pre-retention. It’s all of the processes required to track, follow up with, intake, and otherwise convert a prospect into a paying client. If you hope to grow your law firm, proper lead management is just as important case management, so it’s worth spending time focusing on it. In this post, we’ll provide our list of six lead management best practices to help lawyers land more clients and grow their firms.

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3 Reasons Law Firms Fail at Software Implementation and How to Avoid Them

If your law firm has attempted to adopt a new software program and failed, you’re not alone. Implementing new processes is never easy, since people naturally gravitate toward doing things the same, familiar way. But failing to update your processes can be risky in today’s fast moving business environment. Today’s law firms face a changing landscape and an unclear future. Adopting new technologies is becoming critical to maintain a competitive edge. But getting everyone onboard with the changes can present challenges. In this post, we’ll explain the three main reasons that many law firms fail at software implementation, along with some helpful tips to overcome these hurdles and succeed.

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4 Client Intake Best Practices for Law Firms

At many law firms, client intake is a disjointed process of back and forth calls and emails, and manual paperwork. The process can be arduous for both clients and staff. Worst of all, poor organization can expose law firms to liability when mistakes are made and result in lost business when things slip through the cracks. The better job you do at managing your intake process, the more efficiently your law firm will operate, and the more business you will close. Read on for our list of four client intake best practices to help get your law firm on track for success.

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Why Smart Law Firms are Hiring Salespeople

Sales is not something that most lawyers think about, even though they are probably out there selling almost every single day. There just hasn’t ever been a role for sales in the traditional legal business model. But that may be starting to change. Legal services are becoming increasingly commoditized, and law firms are waking up and realizing they need to start acting like a real business, where marketing and sales are the name of the game. In this post, we’ll explain why smart law firms are hiring salespeople, explain the role of a salesperson in the firm, and look at how focusing on sales can help you grow your practice.

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