The Evolution of Lawyers and What the Future Holds

Legal experts have existed in various forms at least since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. What started out as an unregulated group of advocates, orators, and policymakers has come a long way to becoming the modern profession we call lawyering. But what will the future hold? Where is the legal industry headed? What role will lawyers play in the future? This post looks at the evolution of lawyers from past to present, and on into the future.

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Top 10 Free Law Firm Marketing Tools

No doubt about it, marketing is one of the biggest challenges of running a law firm. It can feel like a constant battle where the results are hard to come by and difficult to measure. Any attorney who works as a solo practitioner or a partner in a small firm likely has to think about how to market a law firm on an almost daily basis. So we’ve put together a list of some of the top free law firm marketing tools to help you come up with an effective strategy.

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A Basic Guide to SEO for Law Firms

Clients are turning to the internet more and more to find a lawyer to hire. So wouldn’t it be nice if whenever someone searched for an attorney in your city, you popped up at the top of the search results? That type of high ranking, organic search presence comes from top notch search engine optimization, or SEO. It’s basically the holy grail of online marketing, but it’s highly competitive, and can be expensive and time-consuming to get there. This post lays out the basics of SEO for law firms to help you improve your local search engine ranking and land more clients from Google searches.
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The Best Cloud Software for Lawyers

The cloud is the future. We’ve all heard about it, but many in the legal community have not quite embraced the cloud or adopted it into their every day lives yet. So, we put together this overview of the best cloud software for lawyers in order to help you determine what technology you can incorporate into your practice to save time and money and make your life easier.

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How to Start a Virtual Law Firm

Many law firms are facing hard times. Competition is fierce, and margins are slim. It’s a lot less feasible these days to run a law firm from the penthouse suite in the nicest building in town. More and more lawyers are downsizing or going solo. And recently, more lawyers are going virtual, working from home, a coffee shop, a co-working space, or better yet, at the beach or poolside, instead of in a regular office. This post will guide you on how to start a virtual law firm to reduce overhead and work from anywhere.

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3 Changes Reshaping the Legal Industry

Sweeping changes are underway, and the legal industry will never be the same. Many lawyers prefer not to think about it and just go about their ways. But those same lawyers are at a much higher risk of being out of work within the next decade. It’s time to reinvent the practice of law. And it starts with having a firm understanding of how the market operates, and what clients are demanding from their legal services. Here are 3 major changes reshaping the legal industry today.

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How “Newly Solo” Lawyers Can Get Their First Clients

We in the legal industry tend to know a lot of lawyers, and as a result of the abysmal job market, many of our colleagues and friends are choosing to branch out and start their own firms. And good for them! But, as they embark on this entrepreneurial journey, inevitably, the question arises, “as a lawyer starting my own practice, how do I find clients?” While there is obviously no single correct answer to this question, there are some good strategies a new lawyer should implement to start building their book of business. These are some of the most common methods for how new lawyers get clients.

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Law Firm Customer Service is Your Most Powerful Weapon

The legal marketplace is becoming fiercely competitive. Each year there are more and more new lawyers, and fewer and fewer jobs for them. And that’s not to mention the plethora of online, lawyer-alternatives out there. How can you possibly stay ahead of the competition? Well, finding a legal niche is one good way to differentiate yourself. But, perhaps the single best thing you can do to grow your law practice is to deliver exceptional customer service to each and every client.

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Why Automation is the Key to Survival for Lawyers

The legal market is changing, but you probably already know that. What you may not know, however, is what you should be doing to ensure that you still have a job as a lawyer in a few years. With so many legal startups emerging, the internet and technology are replacing many of the basic legal services lawyers used to provide. It’s time to think about how you can change, improve, and prepare your law practice for the future. Read on to find out why automation is the key to survival for lawyers. 
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Is Avvo Worth It for Lawyers?

Lawyer directories and lawyer listing websites are quite common these days, as more and more of your potential clients are looking for information online. Among the largest and most well-known of these websites is Avvo.com. If you haven’t signed up yet, you may be asking yourself, “Is Avvo worth it?” So I’m here to tell you more about what Avvo is and how Avvo can benefit your law practice.

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