Email Campaigns & Automation

Managing client communications has never been easier thanks to Lexicata. Get essential email tools that help you automate communication and build stronger relationships with less effort.

Unlimited Email Templates

Create custom email templates for a variety of different scenarios and communication goals. Draft and send them out with just a couple of clicks.


Scheduled Emails

Draft emails in advance, or trigger them automatically to ensure that your communications are delivered at the perfect time.

Lexicata email scheduling tool

Google, Outlook, & IMAP Email Sync

Sync with your email provider to send and receive messages right within Lexicata. All emails come through your normal email address to ensure a professional, personalized experience.


MailChimp Integration

Connect contact lists in Lexicata to email lists in MailChimp so you can send newsletters and marketing emails to all your contacts. We'll keep the email lists updated and organized automatically.


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