How to Streamline Client Communications with Email Campaigns in Lexicata

As an attorney who bills by the hour, your time is your most valuable asset. Unfortunately, communicating with clients isn’t always the most lucrative way to spend your time. However, poor communication can have dire consequences for your practice, ranging from dissatisfied clients, to negative online reviews, or even a formal complaint with the Bar. So how can you balance the need for frequent client communication with the importance of time management and efficiency? In this guide, we will show you how you can use Lexicata’s email campaigns to streamline client communications and ensure that your clients always stay up-to-date without wasting valuable hours of your day.

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Law Firm Business Plan Template [Free Download]

A law firm is typically a group of lawyers who happen to be running a business, not a group of businesspeople who happen to be running a law firm. In other words, law comes first and business comes second. Things like technology, marketing, sales, and finance are afterthoughts at many firms (they never teach you these topics in law school). But they are critical parts of running a business, which is all a law firm is at the end of the day. You simply cannot expect to succeed in today’s highly competitive legal industry without a proper business plan. So we put together this law firm business plan template to help guide you toward success.

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10 Best Lead Generation Services for Lawyers [Reviews]

Lead generation services can be a great marketing channel for lawyers to acquire new clients. Compared to SEO, social media, or other types of advertising, buying leads is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to get more clients for your firm. But you should only do it if you’re ready to handle an influx of new business and capitalize on the leads you receive. In this post, we review the top 10 best lead generation services for lawyers, including how each service works, what practice areas they serve, and info about their pricing.

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How to Optimize Your Intake Process with a Virtual Receptionist Service and a CRM

Is your firm failing to grow at the rate you desire? Well, before embarking on another failed and expensive marketing campaign, it may be time to look inward. What many legal professionals fail to realize is that relationships with new clients are often made or broken during the very first interaction. Whether that interaction comes through a phone call or a visit to your website, making a positive first impression is essential for converting leads into paying clients.

So if you’re getting enough leads, but those leads aren’t converting at a high rate, there’s a good chance the way you’re handling them could be the problem. In order to ensure you always make a strong first impression on new clients, you should optimize your intake process to improve communication and maintain a personal touch throughout the process. Here’s how you can do that by combining a virtual receptionist service along with CRM software.

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10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Law Firm Marketing Campaign

These days, there are many competitors in every niche of the legal market. If you don’t make an effort to get your name out there, you’ll struggle to attract clients. You need to establish a marketing strategy for your firm, but before you can do that, you need a deep understanding of your firm’s brand, its customers, its personality, and its goals. Here are the 10 essential questions you should ask yourself before you start your law firm marketing campaign. These questions will help you decide which marketing strategy to pursue and shape the overall brand identity for your campaign.

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The Ultimate Law Firm Social Media Guide (Plus Our Top 10 Tips for Success)

Social media is a low-cost, but powerful marketing channel for any small business, including your law firm. It helps create brand recognition, drive website traffic, and provides an easy way to keep in touch with your professional network. If you’re looking to create an effective social media marketing plan that will create ongoing value for your business, look no further. We put together this complete law firm social media guide to help you understand the benefits of social media and give you actionable tips to implement a strategy that works.

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How to Launch a Referral Campaign at Your Law Firm in 4 Steps

Despite the rise of online marketing, most law firms still rely heavily on referrals to acquire new clients. When someone refers you a client, that client will typically be much more likely to hire you than another random attorney they found on the web or saw on a billboard. Why? Because trust is a huge factor when it comes to hiring an attorney, and referrals create trust. If you hope to grow your practice, you cannot ignore the importance of referral marketing. In this post, we’ll cover 4 simple steps to launch a referral campaign at your law firm that will help you land more clients.

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7 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Law Practice with Software

Even slow moving, technology resistant industries like law are gradually being transformed by software. The reason software is so transformative is that it can unlock massive increases in efficiency. As a lawyer, your time is your money. Spending more time than necessary on trivial tasks means you’ll have less time available to bill and generate revenue for your business. With that in mind, it should be obvious why streamlining your operations is a good idea. Here are 7 ways you can streamline your law practice with software, including suggested tools you can use.

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4 Steps to Build a Law Firm Website that Attracts Clients

There’s no question that the Internet has opened up new doors for attracting clients to your business. The publicity efforts that could once only be accomplished in person through active and tireless marketing can now be completed with minimal effort, providing endless possibilities. Your law firm website is your presence in the online sphere, and it serves as the funnel for the overwhelming opportunities for client acquisition the Internet offers. By keeping these four essential (but often overlooked) steps in mind when designing your law firm website, you’ll be poised to attract more leads, and obtain more clients, than ever before.

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The Ultimate Software Buying Guide for Law Firms

Purchasing and implementing new software can be intimidating. There are countless different programs with similar features. Even with a free trial period, you still never really know what you’re getting until you spend considerable time setting it up and actually using it to do your work. In order to make the process of buying law firm software as easy as possible, we put together this ultimate software buying guide for law firms. It uses a simple, 3-phase approach and gives you actionable tips on how to buy great software that will help your firm succeed.

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