Law Firm Customer Service is Your Most Powerful Weapon

The legal marketplace is becoming fiercely competitive. Each year there are more and more new lawyers, and fewer and fewer jobs for them. And that’s not to mention the plethora of online, lawyer-alternatives out there. How can you possibly stay ahead of the competition? Well, finding a legal niche is one good way to differentiate yourself. But, perhaps the single best thing you can do to grow your law practice is to deliver exceptional customer service to each and every client.

An Underutilized, Yet Powerful Weapon

Consumers and business owners no longer rely so heavily on lawyers for their legal needs. There are a wealth of alternatives online that are cheaper, more efficient, and easier to access. Not only that, but most clients won’t even recognize or appreciate the quality of your legal work – they can’t tell the difference between a custom drafted will and one from LegalZoom. So you’ve got to find other ways to satisfy them.

Good customer service is the missing piece for many law firms. Lawyers tend to forget they are in a service industry at times, and customer satisfaction is an often overlooked aspect of delivering legal services.

Lawyers are trained to practice law – they are not trained in sales, marketing, or business. But these days, more than ever before, it’s time for lawyers to treat the practice of law like the business that it is. And in business, your customers are your lifeblood.

Other industries recognize this fact, and constantly strive to wow their customers in every possible way. It’s time for law firms to do the same. Customer service is your most powerful weapon, so start using it to your advantage.

Customer Service Pays Dividends

A commitment to providing top-notch customer service can become a key driver of growth for a law firm. Not only will it lead to repeat business from your clients and help you stand out amongst your competition, it’s also one of the best free marketing methods out there.

Customer service is what drives word-of-mouth marketing. And you probably know by now that word-of-mouth (AKA referrals) is your best source of new clients. By focusing on wowing every single client with stellar service, you can turn your law firm into an automated marketing machine.

Don’t think of customer service as a useless expenditure of energy, just to impress some client that has already paid and signed a retainer agreement. Think of it as the perfect chance to create a lasting relationship with someone who will go on to rave about your exceptional law firm at every opportunity.

When you think of it this way and treat customer service not as an obligation, but as part of your overall law firm marketing strategy, it’s easier to go over the top to impress your clients however possible.

Tips to Improve Law Firm Customer Service

Not sure how to provide your clients with a better customer experience? Here are some ideas to help you take your law firm customer service to the next level:

  • Always request feedback
    • Ask your clients how you can improve, and request client reviews and endorsements online
  • Only work with the right clients
  • Go above and beyond
    • Do little things to show your clients that you value their business, and that you care about them as people
  • Be a better listener
    • Sometimes, being a lawyer really means being a therapist, so show a little empathy when needed
  • Provide greater value
  • Use technology to your advantage
    • Services like ZenDesk and our own Lexicata can help make your clients’ lives easier when it counts
    • If you don’t do whatever it takes to serve your clients, someone else will be happy to…

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