How to Streamline Client Communications with Email Campaigns in Lexicata

As an attorney who bills by the hour, your time is your most valuable asset. Unfortunately, communicating with clients isn’t always the most lucrative way to spend your time. However, poor communication can have dire consequences for your practice, ranging from dissatisfied clients, to negative online reviews, or even a formal complaint with the Bar. So how can you balance the need for frequent client communication with the importance of time management and efficiency? In this guide, we will show you how you can use Lexicata’s email campaigns to streamline client communications and ensure that your clients always stay up-to-date without wasting valuable hours of your day.

The Root Cause of Poor Attorney-Client Communication

First of all, why is lacking communication between attorneys and clients such a pervasive problem? Why is neglect the number one complaint filed against attorneys with the Bar?

What it boils down to is that legal services can often take a very long time to deliver, especially in litigation or defense work. Clients tend to feel concerned and impatient during the process because they just want to reach a resolution and put their legal issues behind them.

When a client doesn’t hear anything from their attorney for a month, they often assume the worst. Perhaps the attorney forgot about them, or maybe the attorney doesn’t really care about helping them after all and just wanted to take their money.

In reality, your firm is probably hard at work behind the scenes, and everything is just fine. The case might be moving right along on schedule, but if you never communicate this to your clients, how are they supposed to know?

Using Email Campaigns to Keep In Touch with Clients

One of the simplest and most effective strategies we’ve seen lawyers use to ensure consistent client communications is to send a series of case status update emails.

For example, you can send a short, friendly email every other week to let the client know the following things:

  1. Their case is progressing as expected – reassure your client that nothing out of the ordinary is happening and that there is no need to be concerned
  2. What the firm is currently working on – show the client that you haven’t forgotten about them and that you are hard at work, reinforcing the value of your services
  3. What steps come next – give them some perspective about what the timeline will look like from this point forward

It’s a very simple step to take, but communicating with your clients in this way can make a world of difference in terms of how they perceive their relationship with you.

Your clients will feel more satisfied with the services you are providing and see more value in them. Also, because your clients will have a clear idea of what’s going on, you’ll get less check-in phone calls and emails from them, which can free up considerable time in your day.

How to Set Up Email Campaigns for Client Communications in Lexicata

Now, let’s take a look at how attorneys are using Lexicata to create email campaigns with a series of standardized case updates and then send them out to their clients.

Step 1: Plan out your content

Before setting up your email campaign, the first thing to do is plan out the content and timing of your emails.

The best type of content to send is educational material, both about the client’s legal issues and about the process taking place at your firm.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Think about what questions you would have or what things you’d like to know throughout the course of a legal matter.

Help your clients get a better understanding of the potential outcomes that could occur, and any potential risks they might face along the way. Also, reiterate that your firm is working hard to help them in order to constantly reinforce the value of your services.

Identify any key milestones in the process, such as drafting motions or other documents, court appearances, filings, and so on. Highlight these on the overall timeline so they know what is coming up next.

Step 2: Design your emails

With your overall content strategy in place, next comes designing your actual email templates.

Lexicata has an easy-to-use email editor where you can draft the email language and insert any graphics or images.


Drafting emails couldn’t be easier. You can customize your text and drag and drop images into the template.

You can create unlimited email templates and use them for different purposes, including things like automatic appointment reminders, sending out e-signable fee agreements, or following up with referral partners.

Once your templates are set up, you can send out the templated emails individually with just a few clicks, or you can incorporate them into a campaign and send them as a series.

Step 3: Set up your campaign

Building a campaign is incredibly easy. With one click you can add your email templates in the order you want to send them.


Just click the “Add Email” button and select a template to add it to your campaign.

Then for each email, you can decide whether to schedule it to be sent automatically at a specific time interval, or trigger it manually.


Simply check the box and input the time interval to schedule your emails to be sent automatically.

You can add as many emails as you’d like to each campaign. And you can make unlimited different campaigns so that you can have specific email sequences for a variety of different practice areas or scenarios.

For example, you might have a specific “case update” campaign for every practice area, and you might have a separate campaign for missed appointments which encourages the potential client to reschedule after they don’t show up for their consultation. The possibilities are endless!

Step 4: Trigger your campaign

With your email templates and campaigns created, you can now use the campaigns and send them to any clients. This process is incredibly easy.

Just click into the “add campaign” field on a client’s matter page, and then select the campaign you wish to trigger. With a single click, the emails will be automatically scheduled.


Just select the campaign you’d like to add, and it will schedule it with a single click.

Assuming the campaign emails were scheduled to go out automatically, they’ll be shown in your “upcoming timeline” feed, so you will know which emails are scheduled and when. You can also cancel any scheduled emails if necessary.


This email has been scheduled to go out automatically, but you can cancel it with a single click if necessary.


In any relationship, whether it’s a marriage, business partnership, or an attorney-client relationship, good communication is extremely important.

Unfortunately, most attorneys are buried in legal work and struggle to find the time to touch base with their clients regularly. As a result, the communication suffers, and clients start to feel neglected.

In order to build a thriving law practice, it’s essential that you mitigate the issues caused by poor communication and deliver exceptional customer service. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort if you use the right tools. Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest differences.

By updating your clients regularly throughout their legal matter, you can alleviate their concerns, show them that you are actively working to help them, and reinforce the value of your services. And by using Lexicata’s email campaigns, you can achieve this automatically without taking valuable hours out of your day.

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