How to Send Automatic Reminders to Your Clients with Lexicata

In the practice of law, you are constantly relying on your clients to send you documents, provide information, sign agreements, show up for appointments, etc. It’s just part of the job, but when any of these things don’t happen or become delayed, it can result in inefficiency, lost business, and frustration. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an automated system to remind clients about all the little things they need to do to keep your business moving forward? Well, that’s why we built automatic reminder features into Lexicata. Here’s how to send automatic reminders to your clients about their upcoming appointments, outstanding intake forms, and unsigned retainer agreements.

How to Schedule Automatic Appointment Reminders

Appointment no-shows are a huge waste of your time and one of the most common causes of lost revenue. It pays (literally) to minimize the number of no-shows however possible. Below is an explanation of how Lexicata’s appointment scheduler helps smooth out the process.

Our scheduling process gives you the ability to accomplish three tasks simultaneously:

  1. Add the appointment to your calendar (Google, Outlook, and Clio calendars are all supported)
  2. Send a confirmation email using one of your customizable email templates
  3. Set an automatic reminder email to go out a specified amount of time before the appointment

Normally, each of these three tasks would have to be done individually, with each one taking several minutes out of your day. Lexicata can accomplish all three from a single screen, in one complete flow, and in a matter of seconds.

Step 1: Schedule the Appointment

First, input the details of the appointment and pick a date and time using the calendar, as shown below.


Input the appointment details and select the date and time from the calendar.

The appointment details will be added as an event on your synced calendar. The date and time you select will automatically be inserted into the confirmation email, which will be sent in the next step.

Step 2: Customize the Email

Lexicata’s email integration gives you the ability to instantly draft and send out emails using custom templates. You can create various versions of these emails to use for different types of appointments.

To send an appointment confirmation email to the client, all you have to do is check the box labeled “Send confirmation email.” You’ll have the ability to choose from any of your appointment email templates using a dropdown menu.


You can choose from any of your custom email templates.

The name of the client and the appointment time you selected in the step above will be inserted into the email automatically. You can also customize the email language right before sending it out, as needed.

Choose an email template and customize it before you send it, if necessary.

Customize the email before you send it, if necessary.

Step 3: Set the Automatic Reminder Time

Finally, the last step will be to input your reminder settings. Because you have already input the date and time of the appointment, this step is extremely easy. Just select a specified amount of time before the appointment that you’d like the reminder email to go out.


This appointment reminder will be sent one hour prior to the appointment time.

You will have a separate “appointment reminder” email template which won’t be shown here, but can still be customized from your account settings. The date and time of the appointment will automatically be included in the reminder email.

Automatic Reminders for Pending Forms and Unsigned Retainers

Getting clients to fill out questionnaires with their information or sign a retainer agreement can be like pulling teeth. To streamline the process, Lexicata offers digital forms and documents that clients can fill out and sign online, without the hassles of downloading, printing, handwriting, scanning, and emailing.

But this in itself won’t always be enough, which is why we also provide the ability to set due dates and schedule automated reminder emails for any incomplete forms or unsigned documents. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Prepare the Form or Document to Send

First, initiate the process by choosing to either prepare a form or a document to send to a client (in case you don’t know the difference, a form is a questionnaire to collect information and a document is something the client signs).

Click "Prepare Form" to start the process.

Click “Prepare Form” to start the process.

You will also need to assign the form or document request to a specific matter that you are tracking in our CRM, and select which contact associated with the matter will be receiving the item to sign or fill out.

Step 2: Customize the Email

When you get through the preparation flow, the system will automatically generate a unique and secure link where the client can access their intake form or retainer agreement online.

You have the option to select from different versions of your email templates, or you can assign a particular template to always be used when sending the specific form or document you’re using.

The custom link will be inserted into this email, much like the appointment time, as shown below.

Customize the email as needed. The link will be inserted automatically.

Customize the email as needed. The link will be inserted automatically.

Step 3: Set the Due Date and Automatic Reminder Time

Just like the appointment reminders, scheduling an automatic reminder about a pending intake form or retainer agreement takes just a couple of clicks.

Simply input an expected “Due Date” for the item (i.e. the date you would like it to be returned) and then use the dropdown menu to set up an automatic reminder. The reminder can be scheduled at the time of the due date, or some period of time before it.

Set the Due Date and the schedule the reminder based on the time the form is due.

Set the Due Date and the schedule the reminder based on the time the form is due.

Lexicata automatically tracks the status of each intake form or e-signature request sent through our system. The user interface will be updated to indicate either “Pending,” “Submitted/Signed,” or “Past Due” depending on the current status.

This also means that the reminder emails will only be sent if the status is “Pending” or “Past Due.” If the form was submitted or the document was signed, the reminder emails will be canceled automatically, saving you the hassle of having to remember what emails are scheduled and when.


Having to rely on your clients to do things can be frustrating. But as you can tell, if you use technology to support common processes like scheduling appointments and sending intake forms and retainer agreements, it will save you time, eliminate hassle, and help reduce lost business.

Whether or not you are a current user of Lexicata, we hope you found this post about how to send automatic reminders to your clients useful and informative. If you’d like a product demo to learn more about how Lexicata works, please feel free to check out our website.

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