Special Announcement: EasyIntake is Rebranding as Lexicata!

First of all, we want to express our gratitude and give a huge thank you to all of our valued beta users who have signed up and tried out our product so far! We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this process as we continue to work out the issues and add more features. We are making a ton of progress on the product and the overall vision for the company, and it is largely due to your amazing feedback, so keep it coming!

(Side note, if you haven’t already signed up for our private beta, you can do so here).

Why We Are Rebranding

Today marks a very special day for us, as we are announcing that we have officially rebranded and changed our name from EasyIntake to Lexicata. As much as we loved the name EasyIntake for our product, we saw the opportunity for something bigger. Something more powerful. Something better.

We didn’t want to limit ourselves with a name that, although very descriptive for what our initial product did, would in some ways prevent us from growing and expanding to better accommodate the needs of the many attorneys using it. So with that said, we are pleased to announce that from now on we will be known as Lexicata.

What’s In a Name?

We feel that the name Lexicata not only allows us more flexibility in terms of the purpose of our product and its features, but it is also a brand that we can stand behind and proudly display because of it’s meaning.

The word “Lexicata” was derived from the Latin terms lex and cata. As you are probably aware, many legal terms are derived from Latin roots, so we felt that coming up with a Latin influenced name for our company, which is building technology solutions for the legal industry, was highly appropriate.

But what does it actually mean? I’m glad you asked….


Lex is the Latin word for law. For obvious reasons, having a close association with the law in our name makes sense. And you’ve probably noticed a number of other companies in the legal space with Lex in the name as well – LexisNexis, LexMachina, etc. So using the term “lex” was a bit of a no-brainer.


The remaining letters “icata” were a bit tougher for us to come up with. But in our search, we stumbled upon the Latin word Catus, of which Cata is a derivative. Catus or cata just so happens to be the Latin word for wiseintelligent, or clear thinking. So we mashed the two together, and that’s how we came up with the word Lexicata.

Lexicata: Legal Intelligence

IntelligentClear thinking. Law. That is something we can stand behind, because that is something that we believe in. We believe that there is a strong need for innovation in the legal industry, and that as competition becomes increasingly fierce, lawyers will have to adopt technology into their law practices in order to survive.

The practice of law has come a long way from the days of the ancient past, but the legal industry of the future will be vastly different than it is today. We want to be a driving force behind this movement. Lexicata is about making smarter decisions in your practice to improve law firm efficiency, acquire more new clients, deliver greater value in your legal services, and run your law firm like a well-oiled business machine, with a healthy bottom line.

If you’re like us and you see the need for innovation and deeper implementations of technology into the practice of law, we ask that you join us on our mission, and give Lexicata a try for free so we can show you exactly what our vision is, and how we are going to improve the practice of law with software.

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