Announcing Lexicata 3.0!

We are thrilled to announce that the HUGE update we have been talking about for months is finally here! Behind the scenes, the Lexicata product team has been working incredibly hard on this update for over a year. We have had to push back timelines on other features and reprioritize things. We fought through unexpected challenges and encountered setbacks and delays along the way. But at last, Lexicata 3.0 is ready for launch! We rebuilt the user interface to make it more intuitive, quicker to navigate, and work significantly better on mobile devices. We fixed some underlying problems and bugs in the code base. We solved important scalability challenges to make the product faster and able to accommodate more users. And most importantly, we added some much needed, awesome new features! Read on for a complete summary of the changes.

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Announcing Lexicata 2.0!

The Lexicata team has been working incredibly hard for the past 4 months on a massive update, which we’re calling Lexicata 2.0. It includes a bunch of awesome new features, an improved user interface, and deeper integrations with Clio. This post details all the changes to help you get the most out of Lexicata and make it a valuable part of your law firm’s regular workflow.
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Special Announcement: EasyIntake is Rebranding as Lexicata!

First of all, we want to express our gratitude and give a huge thank you to all of our valued beta users who have signed up and tried out our product so far! We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this process as we continue to work out the issues and add more features. We are making a ton of progress on the product and the overall vision for the company, and it is largely due to your amazing feedback, so keep it coming!

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