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Lexicata joins Clio

An Open Letter to Our Customers

Dear Customers,

When Aaron and I founded Lexicata in 2014, we wanted to help law firms build better relationships with their clients. We built Lexicata to help streamline and manage the client intake process because we wanted to make it easier for firms like yours to lay the groundwork for strong, lasting relationships, starting from the first client interaction.

It has been an amazing journey thus far. And lately, we’ve started thinking we can do even more.

The client experience goes far beyond intake. It extends from the moment a client first hears about you and decides to hire you, to the work you do all the way up to closing their case. We’ve been thinking about how we can help you seamlessly manage the whole client journey, from start to finish.

Today marks the first step in providing that vision.

I’m thrilled to share with you that Lexicata has been acquired by Clio, a longtime partner of ours and the leading provider of cloud-based legal practice management software. By joining Clio, we are going to help drive our industry to the next level. The Lexicata team and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to provide even more value to you moving forward.

Together with the Clio team, we’re going to evolve Lexicata’s existing client relationship management (CRM) and client intake platform into a more advanced client engagement platform called Clio Grow. It will launch in early 2019.

You won’t need to be a Clio practice management customer to see the benefits of Clio Grow, but this new platform will provide a more powerful integration between client management and practice management than ever before—giving you a powerful solution to seamlessly manage every interaction with your clients.

As we work towards this goal, you will be able to use the Lexicata platform as you always have. The only difference you may notice will be the new size of our team: Joining Clio means we’ll have more resources, support, and capabilities to continue to drive even more success for you and your firm.

Joining Clio is the next logical step for us in helping you manage your firm and your clients in a way that provides a better, more seamless client experience.

From the team and I, thank you for choosing Lexicata. We’re grateful you’ve chosen to support your firm with us, and we look forward to providing more value to you and your clients in this next stage of our journey together.


Michael Chasin


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