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7 Ways Virtual Receptionists Help You Win Legal Clients

For solo and small-firm attorneys, there’s a constant tug-of-war between responding to potential new clients and working on existing cases. If this chronic issue sounds familiar, you know the pain: You’re eager to grow your business, but you also need to fulfill commitments to your current clients. And virtual receptionists can help.

How? Well, you may already know that you’re not supposed to let leads slip through the cracks.

You may have read about how calls should always get answered before they reach your firm’s voicemail … but you may also have learned that letting everyone through will lead to wasted time spent on ill-fitting clients who are unlikely to hire you in the first place.

To make sure you’re swiftly and effectively responding to potential clients while freeing up time to devote to billable legal work, you need a flexible “gatekeeper” solution — like virtual receptionists.

With virtual receptionists, you can be responsive without letting calls, texts, web chats and emails derail your day. You can set boundaries and experience positive, consistent growth.

Read on to learn 7 reasons why virtual receptionist services can help you capture, screen and convert more potential clients.

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How to Grow Website Traffic through Link Building

There are thousands of law firms in the marketplace. They all have their own websites, and they’re all competing with your site for customers. To separate your firm from the competition, you need to grow website traffic – and link building is one key way to do that.

Link building makes it more likely for clients to encounter your firm when they utilize search engines online. Link building involves creating what’s known as a backlink profile.

Backlinks, to provide a definition, are hyperlinks found on one web page which refer back to a different web page. Backlinks to your site, therefore, are links on other sites which lead visitors to your site.

Creating a strong backlink profile helps you grow website traffic by telling Google’s search algorithms that you deserve to be higher up in search rankings.

To learn how to do it the right way, read on.

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Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Law Firms

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels for engaging clients and attracting new prospects to your law firm. Compared with other channels, it consistently comes out on top in terms of flexibility, client reach and return on investment (ROI).

Done right, email marketing can provide around 122% ROI – four times higher than other methods.

“Done right” is the key. You need best practices in order to email market successfully. Some of these practices include segmenting your email lists, using an email address checker and personalizing emails to build and nurture relationships.

Read on for a list of the primary Dos and Dont’s of email marketing for legal firms. These tips will make marketing for your firm via email significantly easier.

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Don’t Make These 8 Common Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

Most lawyers have no problems tackling their day-to-day legal work. When it comes to the business side of their law firms, however, many lawyers are inexperienced … and they make easily preventable marketing mistakes. This shouldn’t be surprising; the practice of law and the business of running a law firm require two separate skill sets. Although some attorneys do excel at both facets, it’s rare. To keep hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars a year from going to your competitors, avoid these 8 common law firm marketing mistakes.

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How to Optimize Your Intake Process with a Virtual Receptionist Service and a CRM

Is your firm failing to grow at the rate you desire? Well, before embarking on another failed and expensive marketing campaign, it may be time to look inward. What many legal professionals fail to realize is that relationships with new clients are often made or broken during the very first interaction. Whether that interaction comes through a phone call or a visit to your website, making a positive first impression is essential for converting leads into paying clients.

So if you’re getting enough leads, but those leads aren’t converting at a high rate, there’s a good chance the way you’re handling them could be the problem. In order to ensure you always make a strong first impression on new clients, you should optimize your intake process to improve communication and maintain a personal touch throughout the process. Here’s how you can do that by combining a virtual receptionist service along with CRM software.

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10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Law Firm Marketing Campaign

These days, there are many competitors in every niche of the legal market. If you don’t make an effort to get your name out there, you’ll struggle to attract clients. You need to establish a marketing strategy for your firm, but before you can do that, you need a deep understanding of your firm’s brand, its customers, its personality, and its goals. Here are the 10 essential questions you should ask yourself before you start your law firm marketing campaign. These questions will help you decide which marketing strategy to pursue and shape the overall brand identity for your campaign.

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4 Steps to Build a Law Firm Website that Attracts Clients

There’s no question that the Internet has opened up new doors for attracting clients to your business. The publicity efforts that could once only be accomplished in person through active and tireless marketing can now be completed with minimal effort, providing endless possibilities. Your law firm website is your presence in the online sphere, and it serves as the funnel for the overwhelming opportunities for client acquisition the Internet offers. By keeping these four essential (but often overlooked) steps in mind when designing your law firm website, you’ll be poised to attract more leads, and obtain more clients, than ever before.

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Google Advertising 101 for Lawyers

Finding and sourcing clients as a law firm or attorney can be difficult. There are strict rules and guidelines that effect how and where a lawyer can advertise their services. Plus, there is a lot of competition in the market vying for the same clients you are. So where do you start when it comes to marketing your firm? The answer to that question may depend on your practice area, but in this post we will break down the basics of Google advertising for a law firm so you can assess whether or not this is a good strategy for your practice.

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How to Use “Google My Business” to Promote Your Law Firm Locally

Any online marketing expert knows the importance of optimizing your law firm website for better rankings in search engines. By researching and planning the right keywords to use in your online content, you can find yourself listed on the first page of Google, and even hit that coveted number 1 spot. A high search ranking will drive a consistent stream of quality traffic to your website, and spur steady growth for your firm. Keywords, however, are not the only way to improve your rankings. A crucial component of promoting your law firm is optimizing your site for local searches. For law firms in particular, potential clients tend to come from the local area. Therefore, including strategies that capitalize on those types of search queries can help raise your profile and maximize your brand exposure online. Here’s how to use Google My Business to promote your law firm in local searches.
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Website Conversion Tips for Lawyers – Turn More Visitors into Paying Clients

Personal relationships will always be important in law. But with the growth of online marketing these days, the relationship building process often begins before you even meet someone in person, as they land on your law firm website. An initial visit to your website is almost like a first date. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep them interested. If you don’t keep visitors engaged from the very first moment they visit your website, you could lose them forever. The best way to generate interest and inspire website visitors to take action is to eliminate friction throughout all phases of the conversion funnel. In this post, we break down the website conversion process into four stages and provide some easy tips to eliminate friction from each stage so you can build strong relationships with prospects right from the start.

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