Announcing Lexicata 3.0!

We are thrilled to announce that the HUGE update we have been talking about for months is finally here! Behind the scenes, the Lexicata product team has been working incredibly hard on this update for over a year. We have had to push back timelines on other features and reprioritize things. We fought through unexpected challenges and encountered setbacks and delays along the way. But at last, Lexicata 3.0 is ready for launch! We rebuilt the user interface to make it more intuitive, quicker to navigate, and work significantly better on mobile devices. We fixed some underlying problems and bugs in the code base. We solved important scalability challenges to make the product faster and able to accommodate more users. And most importantly, we added some much needed, awesome new features! Read on for a complete summary of the changes.

A New and Improved User Interface

Lexicata as a company has always taken pride in good design. We are true believers that the way the user interface is designed is equally important to the software’s actual functionality. After all, if you’re not able to navigate a product easily and use it to get your work done efficiently, powerful features are pretty much useless.

We’ve been listening to user feedback since we first launched Lexicata 2.0, and we incorporated as much of this feedback as possible into the new UI design. The interface is now much sleeker and more professional looking. We also significantly improved the navigation to surface more important content on the page and reduce the number of clicks needed to get around.

Here are a few of the key user interface changes you will see (there are many more):

  • More prominent contact info on the matter page – the contact info of any contacts linked to a matter is now displayed on the left sidebar, rather than hiding behind a sub-navigation tab
  • Notes just a single click away – the cursor will automatically focus and you can start inputting a new note for a matter or contact with just one click
  • Edit contacts from the matter page – you can edit any contact linked to a matter without ever leaving the matter page
  • Faster sidebar navigation – we removed the sub-pages within each sidebar category so you can get to the dashboard, matter index, contact index, etc. with a single click
  • Multi-add feature – you can add multiple custom fields, addresses, emails, phone numbers, or companies to a contact at the same time, without having to re-open the modal each time
  • Easier tagging – you can now add tags when creating a contact, on the Quick Intake form, or directly from the matter page
  • Emails on the matter page – any emails you send related to a matter will now be displayed on the matter page, as well as on the contact page
  • Major mobile improvements – the product now works much, much better on mobile devices so you can run your firm on-the-go

Fixing Bugs and Solving Scalability Challenges

Building software that is capable of withstanding thousands of users concurrently brings about inevitable scalability challenges. Sometimes these challenges are difficult or even impossible to predict beforehand, which is one reason why the update has taken longer than anticipated.

But the good news is, we’ve improved a number of the bottlenecks and other scalability issues which may have caused the previous version of Lexicata to experience slowdowns during periods of high-usage.

We have optimized the way data is loaded into the pages and improved many of the most resource-intensive features, such as the search. This will help ensure that Lexicata is fast and runs smoothly as we continue scaling up and growing our user base.

Solving these challenges and eradicating the bugs took a lot of time, but we felt it was worth the time investment now rather than having to go back and do it later. This means our code base is stronger than ever and easier to build on in the future, so we expect that our development cycles will be faster and we hope to launch many new features in 2018.

New Features

Now onto the fun stuff! We have added a number of new features to make the product more powerful and useful. Here is a list and explanation of each below:

  • Quick Form – the Quick Form feature enables you to create a matter and send or fill out an intake form simultaneously. This means you don’t have to create the matter first and then send the form afterward. The entire process can be completed in a single flow to make it more efficient to intake new clients.
  • Quick Appointment – very similar to Quick Form, but the difference is that you can simultaneously schedule a consultation and automatic reminder email while creating the matter. Again, the goal here is to cut down on the steps needed to do your job and make Lexicata more efficient to use.
  • Filterable Agenda – we rebuilt the Agenda page from scratch and added a bunch of useful filters to help every user stay on top of their to-do list. The Agenda includes tasks, appointments, due dates for intake forms and e-signatures, and scheduled emails. It is filterable by time period (e.g. today vs. upcoming), assigned user, or item type.
  • Robust Activity Timelines – the matter and contact pages now include a robust activity timeline that tracks each important event, including submissions of forms or signed documents, matter status changes, upcoming appointments, task due dates, etc. It also includes any notes and sent emails inline, meaning you can easily see what has happened, when it happened, and who did it, in order.
  • User Signer Role – perhaps the most substantial new feature in Lexicata 3.0 is the addition of the user signer role. In the past, only contacts could e-sign documents which made it challenging to counter-sign after a client, or assign an e-signature task to another user at your law firm. Now, you can create “user signers” and Lexicata will automatically notify them via email when it’s their turn to sign a document. This makes it significantly easier to get important documents e-signed, and with much less wasted time along the way.

What’s Coming Next?

We have received hundreds, if not thousands of excellent feature requests and ideas for other product improvements over the past few years. We take this feedback very seriously and we track every single request to make sure we are staying up to date with the ever changing needs of our customers.

While we were not able to incorporate all of these new features into the current product release, we’ve got major plans to implement some game-changing features over the next several months. Here’s what is coming soon:

  • Advanced Reporting – generate customized, filterable reports on your conversion rates, lead sources, number of matters added, and total value of these matters over any time period
  • Referral Tracking + Reports – track which contact referred another contact, plus how many matters and how much revenue that has produced for your firm

And here are some of the other high priority features on our product roadmap:

  • All New Form Builder – we’re making our intake forms much more powerful with new question types, and the ability to link forms to more contacts and custom fields
  • Text Messaging – the ability to send out client updates, notifications, and reminders via text message, in addition to email
  • Automation Triggers – update the matter status, add the next series of tasks or workflows items, set due dates, fill out custom fields, send automated emails, and more, based on a variety of custom trigger actions
  • More Integrations – we have plans for new integrations to make Lexicata work more seamlessly with your other favorite apps and services

Bonus: New Website, Blog, and Help Center!

Not only is our software a whole lot better, we also redesigned our website and blog, plus upgraded our Help Center with hundreds of new articles and video guides to help users get even more value out of Lexicata.

Yes, Lexicata 3.0 has been a long time coming, but we couldn’t be happier that it’s here, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. Meanwhile, our team is already back to work, pushing forward to continue making Lexicata into the best legal software on the market. Expect to see some more big announcements soon!

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