Announcing Lexicata 2.0!

The Lexicata team has been working incredibly hard for the past 4 months on a massive update, which we’re calling Lexicata 2.0. It includes a bunch of awesome new features, an improved user interface, and deeper integrations with Clio. This post details all the changes to help you get the most out of Lexicata and make it a valuable part of your law firm’s regular workflow.

Code Improvements

Our initial product had it’s share of issues (as expected of an early beta release), so we literally rebuilt the entire app from the ground up.

We felt it was in our best interest to start fresh in order to completely eliminate lingering bugs and bad user experience flows. We upgraded our database, added more servers, and coded every feature all over again, from scratch.

The good news for you is, all of this hard work means that the new version of Lexicata will be more stable and provide significantly improved performance.

New Features

Since our launch, we’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from our users. We have implemented many of the best ideas into Lexicata 2.0, giving it a lot more power and flexibility. You can essentially design your own custom intake process using Lexicata’s tools to make it more seamless, organized, and easier on your clients.

Here are the new features we added (and even more will be coming out in the next few months):

  • Matters

    • Rather than just tracking your leads and contacts, we now allow you to track the actual matters
    • You can set up a pending matter for each new lead, or upcoming work for existing clients
    • Matters have their own notes and tasks, and you can also create an intake checklist
    • When you mark a matters as “hired,” the associated contacts will automatically be converted from “lead” to “client”
    • When you’re hired, you can export an entire matter to Clio, including the matter details, the contacts, the forms, and the signed engagement letter, with just a couple clicks
  • Intake Checklists

    • Each matter can be assigned a checklist of items that need to be done during the intake process
    • Checklists include intake forms, consultations, engagement letters, and additional custom tasks that you create
    • Mark each item off the checklist as you complete it to keep track of your progress and stay organized and on task
  • Email Sync

    • Lexicata now connects to your email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and most other major email providers are supported)
    • Your email conversations will be pulled into the contact page for each lead you are tracking so you don’t have to add so many notes, and everything will be stored in the same place
    • Everything you send out from Lexicata will now go through your real email account, so your messages will all show up in your “sent” folder
  • More Powerful Forms

    • We rebuilt the form builder to make it easier to use and more intuitive
    • You can now add contact information fields to any form, allowing clients to fill out their own contact info and eliminate data entry
    • You can add multiple follow up questions for any multiple choice answer, which will only appear if that answer is selected
    • You can now fill out your own forms on behalf of clients (this works great for firms that prefer doing intake over the phone, or who work with elderly or non tech savvy clients)
  • Agenda Feature

    • Your Lexicata Agenda will display all your upcoming consultations, as well as your tasks, emails, and due dates
    • We allow you to input the date and time of client consultations on the matter page, and you can set up automatic reminder emails to let the client know that their consultation is coming up
    • You can add due dates and automatic reminders to each intake form or document you send out for signature, to help you keep track of everything
    • You can pre-draft emails and schedule them to go out at a later date
  • Email Templates

    • We built an email templates feature where you can draft all your own emails for sending out forms, documents, consultation reminders, etc. via Lexicata
    • You can also add unlimited custom email templates for quickly sending out updates, follow ups, check ins, etc.
  • Custom Contact Statuses

    • We now let you create unlimited custom statuses for your contacts
    • Only the statuses of Lead, Client, and Did Not Hire are reserved, so you can add your own statuses to keep track of other people on Lexicata (referral sources, opposing counsels, judges, or anybody else)
  • Improved Dashboard

    • We added some awesome new widgets on the dashboard to help you keep track of the latest activity and your key metrics
    • We allow you to track powerful business metrics like your client conversion rate, your top lead sources, and the top types of matters for which you are being hired most frequently
    • We have improved the “Agenda” and “Past Due” widgets so they are more user friendly
    • We added a “recently updated” widget so you can quickly navigate back to the contacts and matters which are most active

Better Clio Integration

Managing the prospective clients in your “funnel” is a distinct part of running a law practice from the actual case work, time keeping, billing, etc. We want to help you separate out these two processes, while maintaining a frictionless way of pushing data back and forth.

Because Clio is one of our valued integration partners, we’re determined to make Lexicata the very best client intake solution to use alongside Clio. Here is a summary of how the improved Lexicata-Clio integration works:

  • Connect to Clio from your Account Settings
    • Simply login to your Clio account to connect
    • You will now stay permanently connected without having to login to Clio each time
  • Keep track of all your prospective clients in Lexicata
    • You can export a contact any time to Clio from the contact’s page
  • Set up and track all your “pending” matters on Lexicata
    • Take notes, add tasks, create a “checklist”
    • Keep pending matters separate from billable matters, which should be kept on Clio
  • Do your client intake on Lexicata
    • Send out intake forms to clients (or fill them out yourself)
    • Collect any other documents or information necessary
    • Get your engagement letter e-signed
  • When you get hired, or the matter becomes billable, export it to Clio with a few clicks
    • During export, you can create contacts, create the matter, export the notes, and export the forms and engagement letter all simultaneously

Interested in checking out the all new Lexicata and finding out how we can help your practice? Schedule a demo now!

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