8 Simple Ways You Can Grow Your Law Firm [Updated for 2018]

If you aren’t constantly looking for ways to adapt and improve your business, it will become stagnant and you will struggle to achieve growth. You should constantly be looking for areas where you can improve your operations and ways you can continue to grow your law practice, or you’ll get left behind. In this post, we’ll provide a list of the top 8 things you can do to grow your law firm today.

1. Redesign Your Website

You probably have a law firm website by now, but if you’re like a lot of attorneys, your web design may be out of date or you might be missing some of the key pages every law firm website should have.

You wouldn’t invite a client in for a consultation if your office was disgusting and messy because you don’t want to create a bad impression, right? Well think of your website in the same way.

It’s an outward representation of your law firm that is publicly visible to anyone in the world with internet access. You better make it look impressive!

How It Will Help You Grow

Redesigning your website can help your firm grow in a number of ways, from getting more leads via search engine optimization, to increasing your conversion rate on mobile devices (which account for over 50% of all internet traffic as of 2015), to creating a more professional brand for your firm that helps you stand out from the crowd.

If your web presence is a bit lackluster at the moment, redesigning your website should be a major goal when it comes to growing your law firm.

Read more about our recommended website platforms for law firms if you don’t know where to begin.

2. Ramp Up Your Social Media Efforts

Much like a website, your law firm probably has social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But are these profiles up-to-date? Are you posting and sharing content frequently? Are you gaining followers, likes, and shares?

If not, you should plan to ramp up your social media efforts as part of your law firm growth strategy.

Social media sites are by far the dominant places that people spend their time online. And the amount of usage on all the most popular social networks is steadily increasing with each passing year. It’s time to make social media a core part of your online marketing strategy if you haven’t already done so.

How It Will Help You Grow

Online marketing is all about eyeballs. So, by making a concerted effort to be active on the social networks where those eyeballs are spending most of their time, you will create increased awareness for your law firm and attract more clients and referrals.

Check out our marketing guides on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp for more information.

3. Start An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of keeping in touch with a large group of people. The reason email works so well is because it is a private and personal communication channel, unlike social media, but it also does not come across as overly invasive like a phone call or text message might.

Email marketing is easy and very inexpensive if you use popular software such as MailChimp. You can set up different email lists for existing clients, past clients, and prospective clients, plus all your other business contacts and referral sources. Then you can send them targeted email messages on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

How It Will Help You Grow

As a law firm, chances are a good portion of your business comes from personal relationships and referrals. Anything you can do to build up this network and stay top of mind is a good idea, and it will help you drive more business from referrals in the future.

Check out our posts about how to start a law firm newsletter as well as our email marketing guide for lawyers to get started.

4. Invest in Facebook Ads

Digital advertising is a rapidly growing industry, with an estimated 45% of total global ad spend expected to be on digital mediums in 2020, compared to only 33% as of 2015. Facebook and Google are by far the leaders in this space, and particularly on mobile devices where they are expected to account for 71% of the total mobile advertising market by 2020.

Many law firms are utilizing Google search ads by now, but Facebook is still somewhat of an untapped resource. And as the mobile advertising industry continues to grow, Facebook ads will be especially important, given that 90% of Facebook’s daily active users access Facebook from a mobile device.

How It Will Help You Grow

Facebook is an incredibly powerful advertising platform due to the immense amount of data it has about each user. This data can be used to help create highly targeted advertisements, unlike a billboard or bus stop where the only targeting is the location of the ad.

If you haven’t already read our guide about Facebook retargeting ads for law firms, this would be an excellent place to get started on your first Facebook advertising campaign.

5. Create Video Guides on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, only behind Google? This means there is a massive opportunity to reach people on YouTube, yet not many law firms have tapped into it at this point.

With smartphone cameras constantly improving, the production costs to produce a high quality video have plummeted. This makes video marketing much more accessible, even for small businesses without much budget.

How It Will Help You Grow

By creating video guides that cover common legal topics, you can tap into YouTube’s massive network and attract more prospective clients who are searching for legal information.

Videos are a great way to demonstrate your expertise on a topic, which makes this an especially powerful channel for law firms because of the inherent trust and credibility that it can produce.

Check out our law firm video marketing guide for more information.

6. Adopt A CRM System

At the end of the day, the one metric that matters most when it comes to growing your business is your sales. There are a few different ways you can drive more sales at a law firm:

  • Increase the number of prospective clients who contact you
  • Increase the conversion rate, or the likelihood that a prospect will become a client
  • Increase the revenue you earn per client

You could easily charge more for your services if you wanted to, but that may turn people away and end up having a negative effect. Reaching more prospective clients might be fairly easy also, but only if you have the cashflow to ramp up your marketing budget.

For these reasons, the smartest way to grow your sales early on is probably to focus on maximizing your conversion rate with the existing prospects you already have. That’s what a CRM will do for you.

How It Will Help You Grow

CRM software is designed to help you create a structured sales process and ensure that every lead receives the attention it deserves to maximize the chances of conversion.

Adopting a CRM is a cost-effective way to start growing your law firm when you may not have the resources to pour money into marketing or advertising. Plus, you shouldn’t throw money at marketing without a good system in place for tracking the leads that it generates, or you’ll end up wasting money.

Read our post about how a CRM will increase sales at your law firm for more information, or check out some of the features the Lexicata CRM has to offer.

7. Explore A New Niche Practice Area

If you want to grow a business quickly, one of the most effective ways is to enter a new market where there is minimal competition.

With all the changes happening around us, there are constantly new and evolving areas of law to explore and carve out a new niche for your practice. From drones, to marijuana, to on-demand services, to mobile apps, to the sharing economy, and more. There are endless possibilities.

How It Will Help You Grow

The reason you can grow so quickly by entering a new niche is due to the ease with which you become an authority when entering a new space. You are the thought leader. You are the voice of the industry. And it can happen almost overnight, allowing you to gobble up the market share before competitors catch on.

For more info, check out our posts about the importance of niche law practices and how focusing on a niche can help you build a stronger brand for your firm.

8. Optimize Your Workflows

Growth is really hard to achieve without good operations. You have to have the right people and processes in place to achieve scalability, or else your overhead expenses will balloon just as fast as your revenues.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to set your law firm up for continual growth is to optimize your workflows to maximize efficiency. And when it comes to this, technology is the answer.

How It Will Help You Grow

It’s no secret that the less time you spend on administrative tasks (i.e. the things you are not paid for), the more time you will have available to spend on billable tasks, business development, marketing, or other activities that will contribute to growth.

Software can help you stay more organized, keep your staff focused on the right tasks, automate mundane processes, help you get paid, improve the experience for your clients, and much more. It’s the key to greater efficiency and the overall operational excellence that is required to reach the next level.

Read our guide on today’s best law firm technology for recommendations of good products to adopt into your practice.

That wraps up our list of 8 simple ways to grow your law firm. We hope you’ll be able to implement some of these ideas and find greater success with your practice in the future.

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