Be These 4 Things to Retain More Clients

The most important metric in almost any business, regardless of the profession, is sales. If you can generate leads and retain clients effectively, then you are 90% of the way towards a successful law practice. Finding quality leads is half the battle. But once you are getting enough people to your doorstep, here are the 4 things you’ve got to be to effectively close those leads and retain more clients.

1. Be Responsive.

All 4 of these methods for effectively closing leads come down to one overarching point, and that is to make a great first impression. There is no better way to make a good first impression than by being accessible and responsive.

Aside from making a first impression, statistics have shown time and time again that the first lawyer to respond to a client lead is the most likely to be hired.

Calling a client lead within 5 minutes vs. waiting 30 minutes can increase your chances of successfully retaining that client by as much as 100 times (yes, that statistic is correct).

Moral Of The Story – Answer your phones, answer your emails, and be as responsive as possible.

2. Be Personable.

Many lawyers say they provide “legal services,” but most forget that half of the phrase is “service.” There is more to being a lawyer than winning a case or drafting a document. Providing good law firm customer service is a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

In order to convert more clients you should not only care about your prospective clients’ case information, but also about them as people. Find out their interests, ask about recent events in their life, get to know them personally. Clients are far more likely to hire a lawyer they feel comfortable around.

Moral of the Story – Be more than a lawyer. Be a counselor. Be an advisor. Be a friend.

3. Be Accommodating.

Oftentimes, legal issues are stressful and difficult to go through. Don’t make the process more painful than it already is; do whatever possible to make the client’s life easier.

The best way to make your clients’ lives easier (and to make your life easier as well) is to accommodate their needs. Don’t make them jump through hoops and over hurdles to work with you. Use technology in your firm to streamline processes.

For example, instead of asking the client to drive across town to sign your retainer agreement, use software to allow them to sign docs on their smartphone or home computer. Instead of asking the client to mail you a check, let the client pay online. The transaction fees are certainly worth the time you’ll save playing bill collector. (Don’t know what software to use?Here is a great list of cloud-based software for lawyers to consider trying).

When you’re flexible and accommodating, you and your clients can breeze through administrative stuff and focus on forming a good relationship. They will enjoy the process of working with you much more, and be more likely to make referrals in the future.

Moral of the Story – The more you can accommodate your clients’ needs, the better the client will be to work with.

4. Be Valuable.

The key to forming a successful business relationship is to ensure it’s a win-win, where both sides profit in some way. As a law firm, your obvious objective is to profit financially, but what about your clients?

In order for clients to profit from legal representation, they need to feel that they received more value than the price they paid. That value can be tough to calculate, so your focus should solely be on delivering the specific benefit that the client is looking for, which usually falls within one of the following categories:

  • Increase in revenue or income
  • Decrease in losses or liabilities
  • Reduced risks in the future
  • Enhanced reputation

Being valuable is all about measuring the value of your legal services; i.e. determining what your client is ultimately looking for, how much it is worth to them, and providing it for a price that is less than that value.

Moral Of The Story – Deliver value to your clients by focusing on their specific objectives and finding a win-win price point.

What else should you “be” in order to retain more clients for your law firm? Let us know in the comments below!

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